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NLIAH is a healing system used to strengthen the body, mind, and energy systems by making them more adaptable and resilient to physical and emotional stress.
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This is Bryce's specialty.

$110.00 1hr - $160.00 1hr 30m
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Safe Home EMF & Lighting Consult

A comprehensive analysis of a spaces levels of man made EMFs to determine if exposure levels are appropriate for biological safety. Once assessed we implement solutions for mitigation or guide you on how to and why.

$150.00 1hr - $75.00 1hr remote
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The Medley Session

A good session to start with if you're uncertain of what to need. A "sampler" of several services on offer at Transmute Healing with a focus on stress reduction.

$100.00 1hr - $130.00 1hr 30m
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Allergy and Substance Sensitivity Support

Using a conjunction of nutrition, environmental and lifestyle support we work to get the body into a state where it can begin healing itself with a goal of reducing sensitivities to one or multiple substances.

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Mastery Coaching

The best way to learn about your body and mind with a focus on subconscious beliefs and habits that are either supportive of or keeping you away from the life you want. We craft a customized program together to help you uncover and live a life in alignment with your dreams.

$600/month 4 Sessions



Cassidy Chapman

"Bryce is extremely caring and I felt extremely comfortable in my sessions. Usually I have a hard time trusting men in small quarters but he was so kind, gracious and was really dedicated to making me feel safe in that moment. The body work itself was something I never experienced before and it was beautiful. I felt incredible during it. My energy was clearing because of his dedication to my healing. My body was in instant relaxation and healing. Thank you Bryce and I highly suggest that you go see him because he will give you the time and energy to heal that you have been searching for."

Amy Mills Ph.D.

Lynne Marlor

"I wasn’t sure what to expect. The experience was very relaxing. I had hurt my hip 10 days prior to our session and I was still in pain. Bryce worked on my hip and it felt warm, and as if the muscles were loosening their grip. Started out seeing what might be called visions of animals’ eyes. The animals showed up in waves… lions or panthers and then wolves and dogs… and finally a horse. The animal eyes were very expressive and intricate. I felt like I was floating off the table… again this was very relaxing. I can only describe the biggest movement I experienced as feeling a pulling sensation over the hip where I had the pain when Bryce had his hands away from me. It was like someone was pulling my skin from the inside and reducing the “pull” and pain from my hip. At the end of the session I felt the pain in my hip had subsided noticeably."

Raychel Adriani, RD, LDN


Maggie Fiorella-Winter

"Bryce is an amazing person and healer. I was so lucky to have several sessions with Bryce and I felt wonderful after the session. He was genuinely receptive to my health history and my emotions and made me feel very comfortable. Bryce was extremely intuitive and was able to energetically pick up on areas of my body that were imbalanced. I felt relaxed during the session and I had more energy the rest of the evening into the next day.

I would recommend Bryce for any type of healing session. He is absolutely wonderful, comes from his heart, full of knowledge and such a beautiful soul."

If you're reading this it's likely you have life altering health issues that you're determined to overcome. It's likely that you feel a bit confused or at times overwhelmed by what you're enduring. It's possible you're scared of trying new approaches only to have them fail and are uncertain about what to do next...

 My name is Bryce and these are all things I understand from my own personal experiences and can effectively support you in working through. I first opened Transmute Healing in 2018 after going through several years of debilitating levels of anxiety, fatigue, physical/mental stress and chemical/substance sensitivity and being told there was "nothing that could be done", ultimately ending up in a constant state of feeling depressed and hopeless in the battle of regaining the quality of life I once I had.

Before starting Transmute Healing I learned about several practices and methods of healing the body/mind that are much of what I practice, teach and deliver in my work. When I was at my worst I saw over 100+ professionals in under 18 months to regain my health. A significant portion of them weren't able to help me at all and I ended up wasting a lot of time and resources to figure out what worked and what didn't, but I was determined and deeply committed to my health and to make a major shift in the path of my life. It took a revolution of my lifestyle, my mentality, and my level of devotion to living the best life I could and becoming the embodiment of what I've come to understand.

I can now comfortably say that I have resolved the vast majority of these problems that I was told on multiple occasions "Sorry, there's nothing we can do to help you" or "It will pass on its own" or was referred out endlessly. 

Because of my personal experience with chronic diseases and sensitivity (including the insensitivity of some practitioners/Doctors) of anything from chemicals and food sensitivity to EMFs I am just as determined, understanding, and committed to the well being of you as I am to my own. I have the ability to see each persons potential when I have the honor of working with them, to recognize their innate gifts and support them in the facilitation of bringing that ripe potential out of them through offering reflection, guidance, and genuine support.

Welcome to Transmute Healing.